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Hi and welcome to my website! Photography has been an interest for me since I was the age of 18 as I loved having ability to capture moments and keep them forever. I have owned many cameras throughout my life and love taking pictures of everything around me, the good and bad. A few years ago I started posting my pictures on social media and I got a lot of interest in them. This prompted me to apply for a college course in HND Photography that lasted two years. Now I have finished my HND course I have decided to pursue a career in photography and put the skills I learned to good use. Before my course I enjoyed taking pictures of landscapes and wildlife, college has expanded my skill set and I now love taking pictures of people and the emotions going through them. People say that '' A picture is worth a thousand words'' and I truly believe this! I am hoping to have many more years to explore my Photography journey, and hope that you can be on it with me.  

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Photographer based in Laurencekirk

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